"fucking insane and probably retarded...
But she isn't wrong."

"nyx land pussy queen tbh"

"'nyx land' was the name of Ray Blanchard before he detransitioned and killed himself"

"nyx land is now a citizen of israel"

"you're telling me nyx land isn't just an oblique way of referring to nick land as trans and is a whole other person"

"like if Masamune Shirow went to a Linux convention on acid"

"reads like a Francis E. Dec rant"

"the avant garde of New World Order liberal imperium"

"Careful on that edge Eugene *pterodactyl screeching*"

"instantly forgettable, will never have any significance beyond some niche internet schizos, cool aesthetic if you're into overmasticated manifestos from <1980"

"I steer clear of anyone appropriating the name of a fascist"

"Sometimes, internet weirdos cut closer to the heart of matters than more obviously housetrained writers."

"their [sic] reactionary positions exclude FTM and nonbinary narratives that do not fit a MTF narrative... she is not particularly knowledgable on her technological understanding as well"

g/Acc isn't real. Nyx Land is a mass hallucination triggered by prozac abuse during the dot com crash

"Nyx Land's personality defects all stem back to when she was majorly wound up by a user called 'paint' on the IRC channel for a socialist LARPing imageboard"

"holy shit this is so cringe this is just rationalism on poppers just absolutely gay as fuck in a bad way"

"Nyx Land is a fucking MORON... their magnum opus black paper is pure stupidity, completely divorced from reality and using the stupid hurr durr everything masculine bad hurr look at me im so smart"

"apparently the Nyx Land wojak is like, a somewhat obscure meme now?"

"g/acc is just girlboss jordan peterson shit, but it's dangerous and will end in stocastic terrorism"

"constantly toeing the line between based and cringe to great effect"

"the G/acc black paper was the most nuclear soy I think I have ever absorbed through my eyes"

"literally fascist conspiracy theory"

"Xenofeminism is everything g/acc wishes it was"

"Me, vomiting blood: wow this is so g/acc of me lol"

"I dislike g/acc (gender accelerationism) due to its overprioritization of transfems"

"G/acc is just a weird esoteric death cult tbh"

"G/acc is for fascists"

"g/acc is overwhelmingly white compared to most queer spaces online"

"G/ACC? You mean settler colonial white supremacy but with a trans fem priestess class in charge that ignores trans mascs as much as reactionaries do?"

"I would colonize a country with nyx."

>this entire review

"Eventually g/acc folks are going to have to examine all the reactionary baggage of their ideology and how they ended up just recreating proto-terf "feminism" but for trans femmes."

"g/acc is poison, if you know anyone who engages with g/acc put them down as soon as possible"

"Do NOT Approach me if you are G/acc or Kali/Acc. You WILL be blocked! I do not traffic with terrorists!"

"Nyx is racist because she mentions IQ"

"Nyx Land supports super racism and sexism"

"As a male, Nyx is the single biggest argument I have against lesbianism."

>this entire subreddit

"unlimited genocide on g/acc"

"Every year or so ppl re-discover g/acc and realize that it sucks"

"Wtf does g/acc even fucking mean"

"Wtf is g/acc"

"what is g/acc????"

"g/acc? that’s like, the singer of malice mizer, isn’t it?"

"g/acc stands for gundam accelerationism"

"You really shouldn’t read Nyx Land…"

"actually violent"

"known terf extremist"


"can I give a testimonial?
ok, im not giving one i just wanted to know"

"I bought the first ever timeshare in Nyx Land
did I jsut get scammed"